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Salvation Army CHRISTMAS


Unfortunately, the holidays aren't so joyful for everyone. Some people have little to no family or friends to hang out with and play spades while drinking eggnog. This year we decided to partner with Salvation Army. A few of our athletes got together at the local mall and helped raise money for those less fortunate. As we stood and rang the bell we could sense the impact that the charitable proceeds will have on their lives.



There are many ways to teach young kids how to become leaders. We personally think that football has many bits and pieces to the game that can be used or applied to real life situations in a great way. In hometown of DelrayBeach, we started a flag football club as part of an after school program in an effort to teach these 2nd through 5th graders what it takes to be a leader.

In addition to leadership, what can be gained through football are characteristics such as responsibility, dependability, integrity and teamwork just to name a few. These are all characteristics that we think are essential to achieving success. So before we put the flags on and started slinging the ball around the field we would sit the kids down and pick a topic for the day. For example, today we may choose responsibility. We would then ask one of the kids to define the word. After they defined it we would give them a example of being responsible when playing football and directly relate it to a real life situation. Then its the kids turn, at least three people have to give me an example and then we are off to the field. We felt it was effective because the kids can use something they love which is football to better understanding what they need to be better kids.

Young kids across the nation have a great chance to change this crazy world.

clothing drive


This clothing drive was a success! In DelrayBeach there are many families that barely have any clothes to put on their back and that’s not to mention the homeless who have to struggle each and every day. So in the spring of 2017 we decided to partner with Cross ministries and host a clothing drive. We are so so thankful for those who donated and help put a smile on the faces of the less fortunate!



Thank you to those that donated and a huge thank you to Altha Grove, Hills Creek and New Free Spring Baptist Church for putting this event together. 


Cars drove by and plenty of smiles can be seen on the kid's faces as the toys were handed to them. 


We had some toys left over when the event ended so we broke up into groups, got into our vehicles and passed them out all around town in the Lynchburg surrounding area. 

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