E - Establish
A - Attain
T - Thrive
Establish your goal. Be certain about what you want. Attain that goal. Put in what you want out so that you can thrive. Never remaining complacent.

Through MadAssist our goal is not only to inspire others, but to go "E.A.T" and motivate people around the world to love in oneself. We do not want to just give out clothing or to help raise items for others. While that is a great cause in itself, how long will that satisfy people?

We want to help people love themselves. To have great self-esteem. To think positively. To wake up in the morning with a great attitude despite what you visually see in front of you because one day, ONE DAY through perseverance and with the right mindset you will live a better life. You are worthy.


Not only do we conduct community outreach activities, we train athletes of all ages, hosts sports broadcasting and sell sports apparel.

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Based in Lynchburg, VA. 

Contact us regarding services that require travel for training/hosting in the US.

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